Nordic walking: Taking massive strides

Posted: February 3, 2015 in General

Like HeavyHands, Nordic Walking was inspired by Cross country skiing as well. It activates large upper body muscles as does HeavyHands. Unlike HH the movements of Nordic Walking are relatively fixed – but on the other hand Nordic Walking us increasing in popularity and equipment and training more easily available than HH which isn’t in a rapid growth phase….


Best foot forward: Touted as the next fitness craze from Scandinavia, Metro’s Felicity Cloake steps up to pole position for the summer with a crash course in Nordic walking.

Nordic walking uses 90 per cent of your body's major musclesNordic walking uses 90 per cent of your body’s major muscles

With two poles clutched shakily behind my back, I’m wobbling around a car park, in the rain and in full view of a Fiat-load of giggling Italians.

Frankly, when I signed up for a Nordic walking class in the South Tyrol, I’d imagined there would be more Heidi-types around than sniggering onlookers but my instructor, the unfeasibly fit-looking Oswald Runggaldier, is unfazed.

‘They are not local,’ he says, shooting the group a scornful look. ‘Here in Alta Badia, everyone loves Nordic walking.’

It’s true that once we get off the asphalt and into the hills our spectators aren’t laughing – but then cows aren’t renowned for their sense of humour.

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