The POWER of Easy Weight Loss Habits!


I know you’re used to being lied to when people say how much weight they really LOST.


I’m really hoping you can find it in your heart to forgive me for jerking you around about those extra 7 ounces. It’s coming off soon I SWEAR!

It’s important you know that I’ve lost REAL BLUBBER THOUGH… it’s not some copywriter’s hype.

I’m a real person and have struggled not to be round and to stay alive.

In March 2014 I had just seen a close friend and co-worker go through a horrific quadruple bypass surgery.

The thought of waking up with by chest marked by a “zipper” scar having to clutch a pillow to protect my chest for days left me shuddering with pain.

If there was any way I could avoid that, I PLANNED TO AVOID IT! (And so far I have!)

But how would I do it?

I was FAT.

Out of shape.


I was ashamed to look at my body in the mirror.

I was so afraid of keeling over from a heart attack, I was afraid to ride a recumbent bike for more than 10 minutes.

(Today I can swing HeavyHands for an hour and a half on the walking trail… it’s no world record but I’m way ahead of where I was…)

Obviously I was ashamed of my condition on top of quivering with fear.

What should I do?

I ran across Ellington Darden’s book “Body Fat Breakthrough“…

Frankly, though it’s an interesting book… it scared me to death too!

I’d lifted enough weights to know part of his advice wasn’t for me…

I’d tried dieting enough I knew his diet wouldn’t work for me either.

But I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for his last chapter about “OVERLEARNING”…

There he talked about all the research about people who not only LOSE FAT, but who also KEEP IT OFF!

I wanted to be that person!

What was the secret?

The people who LOST FAT and KEEP FAT OFF the best are the ones who HARNESS THE POWER OF LIFE CHANGING HABITS!

So that’s immediately what I set out to do! Find and Follow LIFE CHANGING HABITS… not FADS!

I laugh when I say it, but the day I realized I needed to lose over 100 pounds I started telling people “I always wanted a lifelong hobby and now I have one!”

I’m still on the journey!

I will be for a LONG TIME!

So will you!

The thing that will make SURVIVING the journey and THRIVING at the end of the journey to

  • More Muscle
  • Better Looks
  • New Health
  • Looking Years Younger

The thing that makes the journey DOABLE…. ARE THE HABITS YOU LEARN… and LIVE OUT.

Hey, if that one book by an “expert” couldn’t help me because, frankly, I was too far gone… 

What habits do work?

Simple ones!

Baby steps!

Little things you can start doing TODAY that ADD UP!

One’s that aren’t the crazy pipe dreams of some elite fitness sadist!


I’m going to show you a resource in a second with 27 of these life changing habits.

Then I’m going to show you how they worked for me personally when we communicate by email.

But the good news is… you JUST HAVE to start?

Don’t like all 27 habits?

Find something you disagree with?

Start with 3.

Tweak the program!


Too challenging, start with ONE proven habit.

Then build from there.

I’ll tell you the things that worked for me to get you started too… for free.

(Of course I’m just telling you MY EXPERIENCE and nothing I say is professional advice, but we can all use a friend in the same boat right?)

You really owe it to yourself to check out the habits that have helped me drop over 90 pounds of fat and start to shape up at OVER 50!

(Not some 20 year old here! If I can do it, you can too!)

What do you do next?

Visit this link to learn the 27 habits I think will help you too!


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I’ll send you my own findings and talk about the habits I’m working to apply to give you a practical look at some things YOU might want to do and to bounce ideas off (I’m no professional and can’t give professional advice of any kind but I’m glad to be supportive and say what MY EXPERIENCE has been!)

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