Bodyweight Finishers – How To Get The MOST From A 3 Minute Workout!

Thanks for your interest in 3 to 5 minute  workouts spaced throughout your day! As you’ve learned at our Getting Started page, it’s easy and fairly inexpensive to start a whole body exercise plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

This page is designed to help you find out about a special kind of exercise approach called Bodyweight Finishers to add short bouts of exercise to your day to help you feel better, boost your metabolism, and help you reach your overall fitness goals.

When you’re tempted to “snack” … try and “Exercise Snack” instead! It will actually REDUCE the amount you eat… it’s one of those EASY WEIGHT LOSS HABITS you should aspire to! 🙂

There are dozens of worthwhile exercises and combinations you could use for this, but it pays to be aware of a variety of  low impact exercise combinations to use so you never get bored when you have to squeeze in a workout.

Using short bursts of exercise you’ll be able to get your blood circulating, increase your energy and creativity, help suppress your appetite, get your metabolism working harder for up to 72 hours, and make sure you building more endurance to boot.

The best “library” of such moves and instruction on how to properly perform a “3 minute workout” is probably Mike Whitefield’s course called “Bodyweight Finishers”. You can see one of these exercises below – the Total Body Extension.

Burn Fat with simple exercises like this.. when you know how!

Burn Fat with simple exercises like this.. when you know how!

Ideally, you will be working out for longer periods of time for maximum results, but if you can only do a short workout several times a day because of overtime at work or other life hassles, a combination of low impact bodyweight exercises done correctly several times a day will help you start feeling energized soon enough. If you’ve read this blog you know we prefer whole body exercises that use ALL FOUR LIMBS at ONE TIME, but in any case, we trust this resource will be of help to you!

With those caveats being made clear, anyone seeking to learn new exercise combinations that could be used for short, three to five minute panaerobic “microworkouts” will definitely find some interesting exercise combinations in Mike Whitefield’s “Bodyweight Finishers”.  So check it out as a possible resource.  If you decide it’s not for you, no problem. We’ll see you here again soon with more resources for getting fit and losing fat!


Mike Whitefield, 75 pounds after starting using his “Bodyweight Finishers”…

PSST… When you purchase “BodyWeight Finishers” and start using them to have SHORT but POWERFUL workouts that help you LOSE FAT and RADIATE ENERGY, I would be happy to tell you about the MOST PRODUCTIVE 10 minutes of my workout.

Here’s the deal…

1. Go to this page
2. Email me your CLICKBANK receipt…
3. I’ll get back with you as soon as I can and tell you about how I found the most profitable 10 minutes of my workout daily and what it’s done for me (I can only share my experience… it’s not “professional advice” …)… you might like to try it along with your Bodyweight Finishers!


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