Getting Started

It’s one thing to talk about “strength endurance”, “longstrength”, “panaerobics” or “IsoTonoMetrics” in theory… the question is “How does the average person put Dr. Schwartz’ findings into practice?”

To date, the simpheavyhandswalkingbookcoverlest way to begin “Panaerobics” for those who were mostly inactive before was to pick up a copy of Dr. Schwartz’ book onHeavyHands: The Ultimate Exercise (or this author’s preference is the HeavyHands Walking Book” though I have both!), some suitable hand weights (a 1lb. to 5lb set can serve well for a really long time following Dr. Schwartz’ recommendations) and start walking while swinging the weights high!

After those early books, Dr. Schwartz explored more ways to obtain the same panaerobic effects without weights using specialized calisthenics and self-resistance movements.

Check out the links below for more ways to develop your strength endurance and do your panaerobics!

  1. Building Aerorbic Capacity (It’s not Dr. Schwartz but it’s still good!)
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  4. How to turn any Self-Resistance exercise into an IsoTonoMetric exercise!
  5. Panaerobic Exercise – Lessons In Panaerobic/Longstrength workout progression


Invitation to Experienced HeavyHand/Longstrength Practitioners: Have your own insight from your conversations/correspondence with Dr. Leonard Schwartz on HeavyHands, Panaerobics, IsoTonoMetrics, etc? We’d love to hear from you and document your experience here for others to find! Please leave a comment on any page and the blog curator will get in touch with you! Thanks!